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Still Bill

I could easily write a 20 page post on soul music but I wont…the details and points would be boring to you, the sound byte generation.  We are in an era where learning has to be entertaining in order to get certain lessons across.  That’s not necessarily good for those that can only learn visually because those who dig deeper with kill you in “the game”. However, I am glad to see documentaries like this being made.  I hope to be in the position to help educate some of you through the way of documentaries of people that have shaped your lives without you even knowing.

I have to see this…you all have to see this.

also check stillbillthemovie.com


Interview x Supreme.

After having a fact revealing conversation with my good friend WylieStyles® about streetwear (I hate that term) I decided to do a little research on one of my favorite brands, Supreme. I came across a pretty good article on the Interview magazine site where Glenn O’Brien interviewed James Jebbia, founder of Supreme. This is a must read for anyone interested in the business of streetwear or in niche goods.decks

I am also really digging the Interview site…it’s what I would like my site to grow up to be one day.

Gay Fish

I love South Park…one of the funniest shows ever.  However, the Fishsticks episode is not as funny as people think it is.  I think all the hellabaloo is because K. West is on the show.  This adds more to my thoery that no one is a star unless the have been on either Sesame Street, The Simpsons or South Park.  Kanye has made it…damn this dude is impressive.

Watch the episode here.

The only thing that made me laugh out loud is this camera shot. Priceless.


Flutter…the new Twitter?



I admire the constitution, dedication and focus of people that can stand outside in cold weather for days just to consume something.  The more I think about it this was more than just a consumption situation…this was a historical event.  I am really glad that it was documented.  Also, I live around the corner from St. Alfreds and had I known they had glow in the dark dancing girls I probably would have been there.  The fact that these were exclusive to some Chicago stores also made me proud.  Even though I have beef with Saint Alfreds and Leaders1354 (because they never have my size in anything) I am extremely proud of their accomplishments.

Electric Vandals.

Im not quite sure how I feel about this yet.  I know people want to experience certain things that they would probably never get a chance to, so they turn to the digital doppelganger of real life activities.  Djing, guitar playing, drumming and sports like tennis and bowling have all been fouled up by this digital devil we know as the Nintendo Wii.  If it was up to me, I would pile all those crappy machines up and set a bonfire not seen by the likes of…………….blah blah blah…I’m joking.  This is actually pretty cool if you can do it on a larger eCanvas.  The only thing I would be worried about is if the pressure settings were accurate and if you could change spray diameter…add different tips and such.

Padma Lakshmi in “Sex and Burgers.”

This is not only the sexiest burger commercial I have ever seen, it’s the sexiest commercial I HAVE EVER seen.

Apparently that’s just how she eats.