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Design Stan pt.6

I’m a design stan (stalker/fan)…in case you didn’t know.  What I love most of all is typography.  What inspires me the most is how certain designers can use type to create an incredible compositions.  Being able to control balance, space and contrast amazes me.   I can literally look at great typography all day.

With that said I happened upon this site that is going to keep my eyes busy for at least two days…sorry family.  Check out www.typographicposters.com




I’m A Design Stan pt.4

Hydro74 is one of the sickest illustrator/typographer/designers living today.  I have followed his work for quite sometime and when I’m feeling uninspired I check out his site for some visual caffeine.  I am specifically encouraged by the cleanness and weight of his work…even in 2d it seems to project a sort of heaviness. If you have no clue as to what a great artist is please go visit his site to get an idea.  This is one of those artist who seems to “inspire” other “artist”, and by that I mean people are catching up to his style………people have been biting him for years…DAMN!!! I said it…happy now?