I admire the constitution, dedication and focus of people that can stand outside in cold weather for days just to consume something.  The more I think about it this was more than just a consumption situation…this was a historical event.  I am really glad that it was documented.  Also, I live around the corner from St. Alfreds and had I known they had glow in the dark dancing girls I probably would have been there.  The fact that these were exclusive to some Chicago stores also made me proud.  Even though I have beef with Saint Alfreds and Leaders1354 (because they never have my size in anything) I am extremely proud of their accomplishments.


Electric Vandals.

Im not quite sure how I feel about this yet.  I know people want to experience certain things that they would probably never get a chance to, so they turn to the digital doppelganger of real life activities.  Djing, guitar playing, drumming and sports like tennis and bowling have all been fouled up by this digital devil we know as the Nintendo Wii.  If it was up to me, I would pile all those crappy machines up and set a bonfire not seen by the likes of…………….blah blah blah…I’m joking.  This is actually pretty cool if you can do it on a larger eCanvas.  The only thing I would be worried about is if the pressure settings were accurate and if you could change spray diameter…add different tips and such.

Padma Lakshmi in “Sex and Burgers.”

This is not only the sexiest burger commercial I have ever seen, it’s the sexiest commercial I HAVE EVER seen.

Apparently that’s just how she eats.


Finally someone brings us innovation!!!


Dude!…This!…Ummm…Errr…Damn!…I dont know even where to start! Well ok Im cool now, sooooo this guy searched and gathered a ton of youtube clips and then put them together to make new music. Bet your thinking “yeah I bet it sounds wack dunzilla” So I posted the youtube joint below to get you started. But after you check that be sure to scroll right back up check his site ThruYOU  , you will get a much better experience on the site than on youtube. He also has a short vid that takes you through his process. And make sure you hit me on twitter after you checked it out

The Bang Brothers

There are certain atist that I could never get tired of seeing perform. KRS ONE tops the list of course because NO ONE can rock a show as well as the Blastmaster.  HOWEVER, I must say that even after the 37 or so times I’ve seen Rae and Ghost I will still go check them out again.  The only thing as good as being there is seeing video of the show…even though you cant get the full effect of it, you can tell when a show gets rocked.  In the crowds defense though..theres really nothing you can do but get stupid to some WuTang.

Thanks to Frank the Butcher and Butchers Blok TV for the video….go check them out.


My better half saw this @ the grocery store.  I HAVE to taste this.1238219124920

The Burger King of Bikes.

It’s very possible you may me riding throgh the streets of Chicago on on very own almost custom bike….Thanks to the people at Republic Bike.

Big Wheels…WHAT!!?!?!?