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Flutter…the new Twitter?




I admire the constitution, dedication and focus of people that can stand outside in cold weather for days just to consume something.  The more I think about it this was more than just a consumption situation…this was a historical event.  I am really glad that it was documented.  Also, I live around the corner from St. Alfreds and had I known they had glow in the dark dancing girls I probably would have been there.  The fact that these were exclusive to some Chicago stores also made me proud.  Even though I have beef with Saint Alfreds and Leaders1354 (because they never have my size in anything) I am extremely proud of their accomplishments.

Finally someone brings us innovation!!!


Dude!…This!…Ummm…Errr…Damn!…I dont know even where to start! Well ok Im cool now, sooooo this guy searched and gathered a ton of youtube clips and then put them together to make new music. Bet your thinking “yeah I bet it sounds wack dunzilla” So I posted the youtube joint below to get you started. But after you check that be sure to scroll right back up check his site ThruYOU  , you will get a much better experience on the site than on youtube. He also has a short vid that takes you through his process. And make sure you hit me on twitter after you checked it out

ThinkUltra and read a Mu*#af%kin’ Book!

Does this even really need a comment? Wait yes it does! But you know what I wont because I really dont wanna turn off all of you Stanky Leg Dancers that are checking ThinkUltra. Heard the song before but had no idea they rocked a video….dope! vid link via the below tweet


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Reggie Know and MF Grimm via Complex Mag

ReggieKnowBest AKA Reginald Jolley was one of the masterminds of Chicagos DemDare crew back during the Golden Era of hiphop. When I first moved to Chicago from NYC cats were rocking Finger Waves and Jerri Curls, but DemDare, was Caesar, Hightop faded and Dredlocked down.

This was gangsta back in the 90s

90s Fingerwave style...oh yea this was Gangsta back then

To put it into perspective check the vid below to see how ill the crew was…

ReggieKnow was the first AD world professional to give me needed guidance. I worked as an Art Director for a few years with his company the Ad*itive learning what it takes to be a dope creative. But Im not the only one that knows Reg ThinksUltra…hit this to read the Complex Magazine interview with MF Grimm

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Late Bush



People this really looks like the week of lateness for Mr WylieStyles *sigh* I think Im ok with being late on this one because Im in Canada and there is no reason I should have seen this AD running. Veet is a product for hair removal…damn isnt this a great idea?

T*Mobile spreads the love

A friend of mine in the AD Game sent me this today, now being the internet googlist that I am…I feel a bit let down that I was not already in the know. Looks like mobile comm giant T*Mobile had 400 dancers and 10 hidden cameras set up at the Liverpool trainstation in London. The rest of the people you see standing around in the video had no idea what was going on. I can just imagine how many people shot their own footy of the spectacle…talk about iLL use of you tube. But figured I should still share this with you to think ultra.