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Gay Fish

I love South Park…one of the funniest shows ever.  However, the Fishsticks episode is not as funny as people think it is.  I think all the hellabaloo is because K. West is on the show.  This adds more to my thoery that no one is a star unless the have been on either Sesame Street, The Simpsons or South Park.  Kanye has made it…damn this dude is impressive.

Watch the episode here.

The only thing that made me laugh out loud is this camera shot. Priceless.



Cat people are weird genuises.

It amazes me that this cat can do what a lot of humans cant.  You might need this lady to train you n the art of fine dining. Cats thinking ultra.

Flutter…the new Twitter?


Padma Lakshmi in “Sex and Burgers.”

This is not only the sexiest burger commercial I have ever seen, it’s the sexiest commercial I HAVE EVER seen.

Apparently that’s just how she eats.



My better half saw this @ the grocery store.  I HAVE to taste this.1238219124920

Ehhhhh Mario!

This vid breaks my heart with its dopeness. On my art to-do list I have a crazy 8bit NES animation…the only thing Ive done so far is one stinking style frame *SMH*The lesson learned here kidoz is keep it moving on your ideas, cause when you sleep those that thinkultra are producing ill stuffs…check the vid below



For those that hate to think.

Sometimes we all need a mental break and the internets can supply us with that break. Noooooow I just took a little tiny break from designing and look what youtube suggested I watch. Im speechless!