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Still Bill

I could easily write a 20 page post on soul music but I wont…the details and points would be boring to you, the sound byte generation.  We are in an era where learning has to be entertaining in order to get certain lessons across.  That’s not necessarily good for those that can only learn visually because those who dig deeper with kill you in “the game”. However, I am glad to see documentaries like this being made.  I hope to be in the position to help educate some of you through the way of documentaries of people that have shaped your lives without you even knowing.

I have to see this…you all have to see this.

also check


Finally someone brings us innovation!!!


Dude!…This!…Ummm…Errr…Damn!…I dont know even where to start! Well ok Im cool now, sooooo this guy searched and gathered a ton of youtube clips and then put them together to make new music. Bet your thinking “yeah I bet it sounds wack dunzilla” So I posted the youtube joint below to get you started. But after you check that be sure to scroll right back up check his site ThruYOU  , you will get a much better experience on the site than on youtube. He also has a short vid that takes you through his process. And make sure you hit me on twitter after you checked it out

The gift of Dilla.


One of the main goals of ThinkUltra® is to educate through example.  We don’t believe in parsing out or hoarding knowledge without putting it back out for others to benefit from.  Education and knowledge should not be secret nor should it cost you so much that it takes decades to recover.  Education and knowledge should not just be gained through painful processes.  Education and knowledge used for the greater good is good for all of us.

Now, there are a lot of young producers that need guidance.  More importantly they need help in understanding what makes certain production dope.  I have been holding on to a few J.Dilla beat CD’s (that were actually used to shop beats…not  that he really needed to). I could go on for days about Dilla’s production style but I wont, instead I’m going to let you listen and learn for yourself.  The science to his productions can be used for any production style….pay close attention to the space between the drum hits in relatuionship to his samples.  That space is very importatnt, it’s responsible for the movement and bounce to a production.  The only other producer that seems to have mastered that space is Swizz Beats…study his production style as well.

Sometimes it’s best to listen to a bare track, no vocals, so you can really understand why it works.  What I’m giving you today is about 70 or so Dilla beats some you have heard and some you might never hear recorded for another 10 years….some of his beats are just ahead of their times.  I will drop the other 230 beats o you later when you’re ready.


BTW if you want to know what a classic record sounds like, get Welcome to Detroit.

*****UPDATE****** Nice collection of Dilla samples over at check them out

Everybody likes Doom.


Needless to say we at ThinkUltra are in friggin love with the new Doom (formely MF, formely Zev Love X) album….ggggggggget it. Hopefully, one day, the world will tire of fake ass gangster tales from 17 year olds, goofy dance rap, and homo-erotic fashion rap* and get down with some intelligent shit that you have to actually think (ultra) about.

BTW, Mos Def loves Doom….see for yourself.

via Frolab

*This is not a diss to homosexuals…just bitch ass “rapper singers”.  Also, Wylie Styles didn’t write this….I did.

I heard this song in my head when I woke up.

Then I listened to the demo

Where The Wild Things Skate

Spike Jonze remixs his GirlSkate video footage for UNKLE

ThinkUltra and read a Mu*#af%kin’ Book!

Does this even really need a comment? Wait yes it does! But you know what I wont because I really dont wanna turn off all of you Stanky Leg Dancers that are checking ThinkUltra. Heard the song before but had no idea they rocked a video….dope! vid link via the below tweet


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