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Gay Fish

I love South Park…one of the funniest shows ever.  However, the Fishsticks episode is not as funny as people think it is.  I think all the hellabaloo is because K. West is on the show.  This adds more to my thoery that no one is a star unless the have been on either Sesame Street, The Simpsons or South Park.  Kanye has made it…damn this dude is impressive.

Watch the episode here.

The only thing that made me laugh out loud is this camera shot. Priceless.



Finally someone brings us innovation!!!


Dude!…This!…Ummm…Errr…Damn!…I dont know even where to start! Well ok Im cool now, sooooo this guy searched and gathered a ton of youtube clips and then put them together to make new music. Bet your thinking “yeah I bet it sounds wack dunzilla” So I posted the youtube joint below to get you started. But after you check that be sure to scroll right back up check his site ThruYOU  , you will get a much better experience on the site than on youtube. He also has a short vid that takes you through his process. And make sure you hit me on twitter after you checked it out