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Interview x Supreme.

After having a fact revealing conversation with my good friend WylieStyles® about streetwear (I hate that term) I decided to do a little research on one of my favorite brands, Supreme. I came across a pretty good article on the Interview magazine site where Glenn O’Brien interviewed James Jebbia, founder of Supreme. This is a must read for anyone interested in the business of streetwear or in niche goods.decks

I am also really digging the Interview site…it’s what I would like my site to grow up to be one day.


Design Stan pt.6

I’m a design stan (stalker/fan)…in case you didn’t know.  What I love most of all is typography.  What inspires me the most is how certain designers can use type to create an incredible compositions.  Being able to control balance, space and contrast amazes me.   I can literally look at great typography all day.

With that said I happened upon this site that is going to keep my eyes busy for at least two days…sorry family.  Check out




I admire the constitution, dedication and focus of people that can stand outside in cold weather for days just to consume something.  The more I think about it this was more than just a consumption situation…this was a historical event.  I am really glad that it was documented.  Also, I live around the corner from St. Alfreds and had I known they had glow in the dark dancing girls I probably would have been there.  The fact that these were exclusive to some Chicago stores also made me proud.  Even though I have beef with Saint Alfreds and Leaders1354 (because they never have my size in anything) I am extremely proud of their accomplishments.

The Burger King of Bikes.

It’s very possible you may me riding throgh the streets of Chicago on on very own almost custom bike….Thanks to the people at Republic Bike.

Big Wheels…WHAT!!?!?!?


and speaking of Iron Man…..

I am familiar with a few 3D modeling programs, however, I am light years away from the same skill level as some of the masters.  I kind of envy their fortitude, patience and craftsmanship.  Some of the masters are more than happy to show you how they created something and 24 year old Bracer Jack does not disappoint.  His remodelling of the Iron Man mask makes me want to dedicate a least 5 hours a day to learning 3d modelling.

Check out his tutorial.ironman_wire_render


Ehhhhh Mario!

This vid breaks my heart with its dopeness. On my art to-do list I have a crazy 8bit NES animation…the only thing Ive done so far is one stinking style frame *SMH*The lesson learned here kidoz is keep it moving on your ideas, cause when you sleep those that thinkultra are producing ill stuffs…check the vid below



Never say never.

I said I would never be like the millions of other blogs, blogging bout what Kanye is doing and what MC Blah Blah Blah is wearing or who’s zooming who.  I also said I would not blog about sneakers like some kind of SHOE WHORE®.  However, every now and then there is a shoe or two that will get me.  So now Im changing my “never blog about shoes policy” to “very rarely blog about shoes“….it’s my peragotive (I can do what I wanna do).

I say that to say this, there are two sneakers currently on my radar.  The contrast between the two are great…one is what I would call a Sunday brunch, stroll through the hood shoe.  The other is a party on Mars, I live in my own world shoe.  I will have these.

Nike Killshot.  I love the simpleness of these. Something like these would last forever. Classic.


Normally not something I would wear…but I like these.


all images were jacked from Hypebeast